The Pig Roast

Among bros, there are a few epic hangout sessions, brofests as they have come to be called. However, from the ashes of brofests has emerged the almighty brofest, the Pig Roast. It has been created by both me and one of my fellow bros, Carlo.  Notice the use of classic douche bag terms like bro and brofest.  That is completely necessary in order for one to sound as mature and well-educated as I.  The fact that I am nationally ranked in lax (Lacrosse.  And I’m lying.  I’ve never played the sport.) does not hurt either. Anyway, the Pig Roast was created in order to produce an epic brofest for all of the brosephs and Bro Bidens.  (Who’s on fire?)  To do so, there must be a compilation of several elements.  First, we need a $224.99 dollar pig.  Plus an apple in its mouth.  Then, we need a collection of bros, none of the female race of course.  Finally, the most important aspect, all bros must wear extremely formal attire and sit at a long table illuminated by candles and the such.  You know, to create an ambiance.  After all, bros may be tough on the outside, but on the inside, we’re just as soft as the pink sanglier meat that makes up our cochon. After our fine dining experience, there shall be a night of video games and wrestling.  No women indeed.  I apologize if you were not invited to the Pig Roast but it is not a big deal and I am sure that you and your group of friends can create your own brofest.  Not that it will be half as good as ours, but you can try anyway.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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4 Responses to The Pig Roast

  1. Norwegian Wood says:


  2. Pig Roaster says:

    We’re gonna kill the fuck out of that pig.

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