Math Class

After having written a post about my history class and after having described it as stacked, I quickly realized my mistake.  While my history class is indeed stacked, the word stacked cannot be used without mentioning my math class.  The only thing better than a crazy old teacher is an awesome young teacher who lets you call her nimnim and gives you M&M’s.  The only thing as cool as an awesome class is another awesome class and my math class is an awesome class if there ever was one.  It’s actually quite funny that I like math because it used to be my worst subject.  No, seriously, I used to think that multiplication stopped after twelve times twelve.  But this year, all has changed.  I now know that it goes all the way up to eighteen.  I love my math class because of the kids.  Three of my best friends are in that class, and we have a ton of fun.  Between my crazy mime dance, making up nicknames for Noelle, annoying Ms. Nimetz and laughing at Nissim’s turtle impression, there’s hardly a moment that goes by without us laughing. Did I forget to mention Chuckles?  Chuckles is like a big teddy bear except that he always has his iPad and annoys the crap out of Carlo. (This is assuming that teddy bears do not already irritate Carlo, knowing him, I wouldn’t be surprised if they already piss him off as well.)  However, if you look deep into the soul of Chuckles, past the Jets and the iPad, one finds a kid who is actually quite cool.  (Chuckles, I need to know when and where you’re giving me the hundred dollars for that comment.)  Then there’s the ladies.  Only three in the class, (Without Ms. Nimetz.  Ms. Nimetz, you are very much a lady.) they must put up with the guys’ immaturity and misogynist attitudes and they do it with class.  You three are very cool and if you were guys, you would be bros.  If you do not realize it, that was a very high compliment.  Like a Medal of Honor or Oscar or something.  Be happy.  That makes up the math class.  A mellow, chill and very stacked class.  By the way, Ms. Nimetz, it would mean a lot if I could have that one last point on the midterm.  No pressure or anything, but now you’re on the internet.  My one fan will be very upset if you say no.  By my one fan, I mean me.


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  1. Charles says:

    Quite enjoyable

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