As I said before, not all of my posts will be funny.  This is one of those sadish ones.

Saying goodbye is something that everyone has had to do, but often to different extents.  For some, a goodbye can be meant for only the next day or week.  For others, goodbyes are for months or years.  And for an unfortunate few, goodbyes can come too late and never properly be delivered.  I have had to participate in all three forms of these farewells and have learned how to adapt to each one.  However, today, I am writing about the second goodbye.

In my Spanish class, we all get along.  Mostly.  However, in any class, no matter how close you are with everyone, there is always the special person that watches your back and makes sure that you’re OK.  For me, that person was Sarah.  At the beginning of the year, Sarah would never come to class on Thursdays and we all thought that she was skipping.  However, as she told us months into school, she had a conflicting class at the same time, quashing all of the rumors about her delinquency.  From then on, Sarah really became a part of the class and I actually started paying attention to her.  Despite that, it was not until recently that Sarah and I became friends.  Her being a junior and I a freshman provided a large age discrepancy that was hard to overcome.  Eventually, however, she became my pal, watching over me when I needed her to and just being an overall great person.  Her constant joking with other classmates made for great laughs and she was super fun to be around.  That’s why it made me extremely upset when I heard that she was going off to a school in Vermont for the final semester of school and that I wouldn’t see her until next year.  Thankfully, I knew ahead of time and was able to write this post as a goodbye.  Sarah, we will all miss you, but we wish you the best of times at your new school.  We hope that you enjoy yourself and I already can’t wait until you come back next year.

I was able to write this goodbye to Sarah and I am very thankful that I could.  However, people often do not have the chance to say goodbyes in life.  I strongly advise you that if you are in an argument with a loved one/friend or have simply not told them how much you love them in a long time, pick up the phone and tell them how you feel.  While it might be rough, it will hopefully end in some form of reconciliation and content.  It might be hard to do, but trust me, you’ll be happy that you did.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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