Every once in a while, white pixie dust falls from the sky.  On rare occasions, enough of that dust compiles that school officials must call a pixie dust day, also know in slang as a “snow day.”  When such a momentous decision is made, children shout for joy and partake in the ancient Nordic tradition of sledding. Yesterday, after much anxiousness, a snow day was announced.  In order to celebrate, my friends and I planned a brofest.  We would sled in Central Park and perhaps even grab a morsel of food.  Little did we know, things would get far out of hand.  A bad sign was when we first arrived at the park and noticed that there were thousands of screaming children trying to sled on our hill.  (I had never sled there before.)  The bros and I were then joined by many of our fellow peers and while trying to sled, we all suffered many injuries.  There were injured ears, hips, fingers, legs and egos.  However, the most tragic injury was the one that our young hearts suffered.  A day of snow-filled fun had the chance of potentially becoming a day of “read Entertainment Weekly at the doctor’s office while waiting for our bruised limbs to be healed.”  At one point, while trying to drag a dear friend of mine out of a pile of screaming children, the bros had an epiphany.  Pancakes.  Two hours later, after an immensely satisfying meal of the aforementioned delicacy, fries and milkshakes, we chose to see a film.  The problem was that we had spent $145 on lunch and we were all flat broke, Carlo especially, as he had donated his entire allowance of four dollars to our worthy cause.  We therefore found the idea of movie-seeing illogical and decided to head to a bro’s house, where film-watching would occur.  Instead, the main activity of the afternoon was me getting pinned to the ground by my bros, all of whom wrestle, and screaming for help while feeling my bones stretch into odd and unnatural positions.  I remember very little of that evening apart from dragging myself home and collapsing on my futon.  But of course, I managed to drag myself to this very computer and write to you all about college.  I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.  (It’s OK.  Don’t mind my outrageous demands.)


About julian822

This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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