Smart Phones

Why are phones like the iPhone and the Blackberry called smart phones?  They don’t make anyone smarter at all.  In fact, if one had to add up all of the time I’ve spent on games and apps on my so-called smart phone, one could easily conclude that I had lost a large quantity of brain cells.  That is implying that Fruit Ninja does not help one in the pursuit of knowledge.  (It does, however, help one gain more advanced reflexes.  I am a ninja.  Seriously.  I’m certified.)  What is wrong with our nation where products are labeled improperly?  Are we supposed to refer to Taco Bell as an establishment with our nation’s health issues in the forefront of their mind?  Is Tom Cruise supposed to be considered good looking and heterosexual?  God forbid.  I mean, the Taco Bell and the smart phone, that I can understand.  But not Tom Cruise.  (Julian, focus on the topic at hand.  Not your obvious crush on Tom Cruise.  Control your heart rate.  Slow down your breathing.  Why are you crying?)  The smart phones are simply devices designed to steal time away from you. Do you know how many precious hours I have spent on my iPhone, while I could have been doing more useful things like Facebook or sleeping?  Like decades, man.  For three minutes, I once considered getting rid of the phone and getting a simple flip phone.  Unfortunately, the riveting Snail Mail application distracted me from my valiant thoughts.  Had I not been seduced by my villainous temptress, perhaps I could have done something with my life.  I might have become a doctor, a lawyer, maybe even a professional blogger.  Instead, I will grow old and fat, constantly on my smart phone and somehow managing to pay off my exorbitant monthly texting fee. While I feel like I might have gotten a hold of something valuable in this brief post, Sky Burger awaits me and I can no longer resist its pull.  Spread the message before it is too late.  On a seperate note, does anyone know Tom Cruise’s address, email, and phone number?  I will pay money.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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