The Greatest Teacher Ever

This is not an exaggeration.  My math teacher, whom you might remember from my previous post, wittily titled Math Class, is ridiculously cool.  Everything that a good teacher could have, she has times two.  For example, after allowing me to wrestle my friend Carlo in math class, she wrestled with me in order to allow Carlo to escape.  There are two miracles there.  1.  She was strong enough to wrestle me. (Not a miracle.)  2.  She actually didn’t want Carlo to get hurt.  (An absolute miracle.)  If you knew Carlo, you’d understand.  (I love him, but he’s one of those people you just want to punch in the face sometimes.  Actually, all the time.)  However, the coolest thing about Ms. X (She wishes to remain anonymous) is that she actually laughs at things we say.  I think that I’ve only seen a teacher laugh once and I’m pretty sure that she was screwed up in the mind.  Also, Ms. X actually taught me something in math.  Not to say that my other teachers didn’t teach me, but Ms. X really understood how to work with me.  She lowered the difficulty of what we were doing down to the Kindergarten level and then we slowly brought it up.  I’ve nearly learned long division now!  No, seriously, I’m almost there.  Be proud of me.  She talks down to me, not in a condescending manner, but the way one would speak to a deaf child, slow and deliberately.  It really helps because sometimes I can’t understand more than two syllables in a row.  And last, but most certainly not least, Ms. X plays broomball. No, she is not a witch and the sport is completely unrelated to Harry Potter. It’s basically ice hockey with a broom instead of a pole or whatever its called.  Badass to the utmost power.  (Math Term.  Exponent.  I’m not that dumb after all.)  To watch brromball, see the link below.  In the end, all I can say is that Ms. X has major swag and that she be mad chill.  And she’s stronger than me.


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One Response to The Greatest Teacher Ever

  1. VAJAYJAY says:

    I had her last year. Biggest boss ever!!!!

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