Whenever I have been asked why I enjoy television, I have always responded with one consistent answer: “I like the faraway and magical worlds that it transports me to and while in those fantastical worlds, I can be anyone that I want to be.”  That’s not true.  I’m just really bored with my life and have nothing better to do than to watch other people do stuff that they get paid millions of dollars for.  Most of the times, the shows I watch are really quite stupid, like Modern Family, Band of Brothers; shows that everyone ridicule.  However, there are moments when I am swept up in the creativity and intelligence of a show, the simple beauty of a beautiful hour of television and I actually gain something from it.  Last year it was The Bachelorette, but this year I stepped it up a bit and started watching Jersey Shore.  What can I say; I’m a gorilla juicehead at heart.  When I watch those shows, I am transported to these fantastical worlds, but with the Jersey Shore, I often have to check myself for diseases and excrement when I return.

This year, I discovered a show that no one has ever heard of, a police drama with racial and social undertones, Glee.  This group of ragtag cops down on their luck must resort to yodeling odd tunes that sound vaguely like pop songs if they ever hope to catch the killer, a mysterious she-man named Sue Sylvester.  (What are you talking about?  You watch that show obsessively.  Who is this Finn that you speak of in the shower? Hey man.  Respect the boundaries.  Shower time is private time.  Isn’t Finn just dreamy?)  I do feel like I have discovered a rare gem in this hour-long program.  Just God forbid they never do Justin Bieber.  Oh, they did?  Well, I guess he’s ok.  If Glee did it, it has to be good, right?  Hey, don’t you dare emasculate me.  I’m a man.  Because I watch Glee.  And all men watch Glee.  I think.  You guys with me on this one?



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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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