Bieber Fever

I would like to apologize to all of my readers for my recent absence of posts.  Unfortunately, I have been ill with a very deadly disease, “Bieber Fever.”  Yes, while I used to tell everyone that I hated Justin Bieber with a passion, I was lying to them all, but most importantly, I was deceiving myself.  Having discovered such valuable Bieber portals like the trailer for Never Say Never (Which he watched eighteen times. In thirty minutes. Wrong. Twenty-one times.) and his beyond-amazing music, I am now fully infected with the Fever of the Bieber.  (Watch out, he’s contagious…)  As of now, this blog will transform from what was once a witty and creative collection of an amazing young man’s short stories to a fan page for Justin Bieber.  For each day of the week, there will be a specific focus, Monday for his hair, Tuesday for his ridiculously toned body, Wednesday for his music, Thursday for his hair, Friday for his charisma and AMAZING personality, Saturday for making fun of all of his girlfriends because they achieved what we could not and Sunday for his hair.  (I’m a little nervous that you might not be talking about his hair enough.) I hope that I will be able to educate everyone about the amazingness of the Biebster and bring in lots of new followers.  However, not everyone is a fan.  Recently, many people have approached me and in the brief intervals between their mocking and physical abuse of me, they have asked why I suddenly became so interested in Justin Bieber.  I respond: have you ever seen his hair? Moving on-wait: are you saying that its weird for me to like Justin Bieber?  Perhaps the fact that I was severely traumatized as a child by an overgrown and very aggressive chipmunk left me with psychological problems, but I can honestly say that I am thinking clearly when I say that I love Justin Bieber.  (Chill with the chipmunk man.  That was a long time ago.  I thought we got over that. It just comes up sometimes.  I can’t help it.) Actually, after taking several seconds to read over this post, I now realize that having Bieber Fever will limit me academically and socially.  Therefore, I have decided to take Justin out of my life. However, before I’m fully over J Biebs, there’s one last thing that I have to do…  Who wants to go find and attack Selena Gomez?  Just me?  Wow.  You guys are the greatest. I’m being sarcastic.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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