This is honestly how I live my life. On a productive day.

Certain qualities accompany specific ages.  For example, once someone reaches their mid-fities, they automatically become boring and opposed to any form of fun.  (I’m joking, not every old person is lame.  Only the vast majority.)  However, for teenagers, there is one distinct attribute that every single one of us possesses: procrastination.  I’m not just talking about five minutes of this and five minutes of that.  I’m talking about watching two hours of TV between sentences.  I’m talking about volunteering to do chores as long as homework is postponed.  (I think that this is just you. Ok, you caught me.  Let’s roll with that.)  I’m talking about going to sleep at midnight when all I had to do for homework was four pages of reading.  In some countries, the amount of time that I spend on Facebook in one day would be illegal.  (Spending time online is not illegal.  Anywhere. Excuse me.  Have you ever been to New Zealand?  I didn’t think so.)  Its a disgrace how much time I spend on things other than my homework.  Recently, in order to avoid writing a math paper, (Is that a real thing?  I don’t think that math papers exist. Ok.  Enjoy your life of ignorance.) I began to play the online game Cityville.  Let’s just say that it has begun to govern my life.  Therefore, I now declare that there will be a ten dollar fee every time you read one of my posts.  This serves for several reasons.  First off, I might accumulate enough money to buy Cityville cash and then I could buy all of the virtual buildings that I desire and secondly, the incentive of making money will drive me to post more and I won’t need a lame excuse to procrastinate.  I think it works.  By the way, did you guys know that it took me four weeks to write this post.  I procrastinated too much… (Witty.  How long did it take you think of that one? About thirty minutes.  Legit.)


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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