The Film Club Party

For those of you that know me personally or have read my post on parties, you can probably guess that I’m not the most popular guy around town.  I mean, I doubt that my action figures would agree with you, (Trust me man, they totally would.) but technically, they aren’t really real. (Also, their dismemberment from my excessive playing with them would probably not put me in their favor.) Therefore, when I checked my school email one day, (It was actually the sixteenth time that I had done so within half an hour.  I’m really lonely.  It’s funny because it’s so true.) and noticed that I had received an invitation to a party, I nearly (Nearly?) exploded with joy.  The celebration was being held by a club that I belong to at school, the previously blogged about Film Appreciation Club.  Never mind that more than twenty people had been invited, the fact that I was one of them was astounding.  The party was really fun.  I tried to look cool by showing up late (When you’re more than an hour late, it’s not cool, it’s just an issue with discipline.) and despite the temptation of the food and beverage, I was able to keep my caloric intake at a manageable level: slightly less than six thousand.  You see, this party was a big deal for me.  It was the first time that I had ever traveled more than thirty feet without adult supervision, as well as watching my first movie that was rated worse than a G.  (Wait, what about that time that…  No!  Stop right there!  Please, don’t mention that day.  I beg of you.  He watched The Parent Trap and has been scarred ever since.  I mean, it was only PG.  That was an enormous mistake.  Never again.)  Well, on this momentous day, I took the subway on my own and watched an R rated movie!  I know, right!  Despite the fact that the movie was ridiculously disturbing, filled with pagan rituals and visits to the morgue, it was still an enjoyable experience.  The only downside about the party is that I have to run up three hundred flights of stairs to try to lose the eight pounds of fat that I gained.  Hey, a guy’s gotta look good for the ladies…  Or the two male film club heads. Them too.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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