Word Associations

As some of you might have previously read in my post about distractions, cleverly titled Distractions, I get easily distracted.  (Someone call the Guinness Book of World Records, this guy just set the record for the most amount of times that the word distraction has been used in a sentence ever.  Hey, someone call the Guinness Book of World Records because this guy’s a jerk.  That was cold.  I’m sorry.) In between Facebook and staring at squirrels, there’s no stopping me.  However, as my friends Maya and Julia, who I hang out with occasionally, recently asked: “What would happen if someone took away the internet or hid all of the squirrels?”  After the several minutes that it took for me to fully process the concept of a world without squirrels, the answer finally came to me: word associations.  Basically, a word association is when you begin with a random word and see how off-topic you can get with that word.  I like to spice it up by trying to get back to the original word in the most ridiculous way possible. It’s really difficult to explain and I have probably confused you even further, so I might as well just show you.  Here is a collection of my top five, hand-selected by illegal immigrants that I paid far lower than minimum wage. (Racism is fun!)

1. Awkward-Awks-Oxen-Water Buffalo-Rice Paddy-Vietnam-Vietnam War-World War II-World War I-Civil War-Distribution of Commerce-Commerce-Economy-Food Production-Food-Animals-Hunting-Bears-Squirrels (Yay)-Rodents-Rats-New York City Subway-Weird Conversations on the Subway with Maya-Awkward (I am unsure as to how I am supposed to react to this, with amazement or pure and primal fear.)

2. Lawyer-Court-Justice-Judiciary System-Supreme Court-Chief Justice-Sonia Sotomayor-Mexico-Corruption-Vice-Gambling-Las Vegas-Unprotected Sexual Acts-Happiness-Chuck E. Cheese-Young Children-Innocence-Inocence Stolen-Lawsuits-Lawyers (That was disturbing on so many levels.)

3. Peasant-Farming-Field-Plains-Midwest-Glenn Beck-Uneducated Rednecks-Sunburns-Sun Tan Lotion-Tanning-Jersey Shore-Scumbags-Disgustingness-Excrement-Bathrooms-Hygiene-Toothpaste-Teeth-Chewing-Food-Squirrels (We need to discuss your odd fascination with squirrels.  I am genuinely concerned for your well-being.)

4. Julian-No Girls (Best one yet.)

5. Blog-No Friends-Loneliness-Overwhelming Depression-Unrelenting Sadness-Pure Misery-Blogging (Now that’s the truth!)


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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