As I write this post to you all, I feel a sense of liberation, satisfaction and freedom. Does that have to do with the fact that I am writing this in only underwear? Perhaps, but that’s irrelevant (and disgusting). No, the real reason that I feel so content is because a special time of the year has come around, a time which I have been looking forward to and anticipating passionately: the nineteen-month anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah! You know, I get to be all alone in my room and sing my Torah portion quietly to myself, dance the traditional Jewish dances, say Mazel Tov at completely inappropriate times, tell everyone how significant the date is and have no one care at all, good times. (Listen man. Stop wasting everyone’s time. We already know what the post is about, we read your title. Get to the summer part. Someone clearly did not nurture you as a child. Were you raised in a loving home? No. Thought so.) Summer is a time of joy, new experiences, watermelon, and scantily clad women. Unfortunately, I picked the profession of camp counselor and have only been granted the watermelon, although at times there have been some new experiences, although most of them eventually include watermelon. (Believe it or not, watermelon can take on a very prominent and disturbing role in one’s nightmares. The fruit is not as innocent as it appears.) Talking about camp counselors, this brings me to my next point: camp counselors. You see, this will be my third year working at a camp and boy, am I excited. Being a counselor is a fulfilling and thrilling occupation. I love all of my campers, get to play sports with them, swim in the pool with them and if I’m in a good mood that day, sing songs with them. Yet, it is also a job of temptation. The amount of times that I have seen my campers with delicious lunches of chicken nuggets and mini hamburgers and have been forced to turn back to my salad has taken a severe toll on my morale. Yet, despite my desire for unhealthy foods, everything at my camp is great and I can’t wait for another year of young children and freezing pools. Now, if only a few more scantily clad women came my way, this summer would be perfect. (Well, we all can dream, can’t we.) I wish all of you a fantastic summer and will do my best to tear myself away from the chicken nuggets to post for you all as often as I can.


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This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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