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Hey guys.  I know that a lot of you all are away on vacation, camp, or in that one case, prison, but that’s another story for another time.  However, for the few readers that have nothing better this summer than perusing my blog, I’d like to ask you a favor.  I love this blog because I love being told by people that it made them laugh or that they look forward to every new post.  However, this places a lot of pressure on me and it sometimes gets to yours truly. (Nervous breakdowns and such.)  Therefore, to make it easier for me and more enjoyable for all of you, I would appreciate it if you commented on posts with suggestions, complaints and/or compliments.  That way, I can see how to make the blog more enjoyable for you all to read and not cry myself to sleep every night. Thanks.  I really appreciate all of you for reading my little blog and for providing such a loyal fanbase.  NOW COMMENT AND COMMENT WELL.


About julian822

This blog is informal to say the least. It's almost like an online journal, filled with stories that I find funny, interesting things/links and anything else that comes to my mind. Enjoy.
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One Response to Comments and Suggestions

  1. Francis Ford Coppola says:

    I used to suffer of terrible migraine, since your blog became available I have more sex,my hair grew back, and I won 200 bucks in Vegas. You rule dude!

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