Red Dead Redemption

This summer, I’ve pushed to be athletic and active, to gain new friendships, and to spend as little time as possible on electronics.  Despite my best efforts, I’ve actually been somewhat successful.  I’ve made a friend other than my dog, I learned that trees were living things and not just for decoration and, most importantly, I only go on my television after 6 P.M.  However, once 6:00 comes along, there’s no stopping me.  I run straight down to the basement, fall down on the stairs, try to cover up the hole my head made in the staircase wall, turn on my Playstation (Do I need to copyright that?  Whatever, get at me Sony.) and play my favorite game, Red Dead Redemption.  The basic gist of the game is that your character is a cowboy who got his face attacked by a bear and has to kill his old gang if he ever wants to see his family again.  If I may stress one thing to you, let it be this: this game is the shit.  Honestly, I enjoy playing it more than I enjoy eating.  I have bookmarked the website of the guy who did the main character’s voice and I visit it hourly. Keep in mind that this game came out a year ago and is still more relevant than any other game I have ever played.  When I talked to my friend Freddie about this post, he asked me to keep it to a minimum of ten pages because there’s so much to talk about. He was serious.  Let’s check out a few things that you can do in the game: hunt animals, preferably bears and wild boars because they are fat, kill people, play missions, shoot people, get awesome outfits, stab people with tomahawks, explore the wild west, blow people up with dynamite, sell animals that you killed and buy guns, equipment and horses, and best of all, slow down time to shoot some guy eight times in his crotch and once in his head for good measure.  Basically, this game is my life.  You all need to buy it so that you can engage me in conversation because from now on, I shall only be talking about this game.  Finally, I’d like to point out the fact that players are given the opportunity to kill African-Americans, Caucasians, Mexicans and Asians,  so at least the game promotes a diverse racial and ethnic society.


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One Response to Red Dead Redemption

  1. Cathy says:

    OK, so I watched the video and am truly impressed with the current video game technology. Want a real-time demo when I’m next in your hood.

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