Advice for Incoming Freshman

Let’s face it: I’m not perfect.  Once, I got a 98 on a test, I think that I’ve tripped on some stairs before, and I have made at least two bad clothing choices in my day. However, one of my good friends, Henry, after reading my last post, thought that it could be interesting if I wrote a new one with tips for this year’s freshman class, or frosh as they are often called.  After all, I was once a freshman and I needed all the advice that I could get.  I still don’t see myself as a role model or a guiding figure, but I have been told that I am quite inspirational, so I guess that Henry wasn’t that wrong.  Here goes.

First off freshman, welcome.  High school is a very different place than middle school and is actually quite similar to a jungle.  You have to decide what kind of animal you want to be.  If you want to be a chameleon and just try to fit in, that’s ok, but I recommend trying to find a group of people with which you share a lot in common.  If you want to be an owl and be smart, read some books and do your homework.  If you want to be a cheetah, get some running shorts, but make sure that they aren’t too small or too tight, for obvious reasons.

Another thing that might take some getting used to is your relationship with your teachers.  You don’t want to be too close, because, well, it’s just kind of weird.  But you don’t want your teacher to hate you because then you have no chance of doing well in their class.  Just be nice and friendly, but don’t carry their things.

As a freshman, you’re bound to get a hard time.  You won’t get physically assaulted (probably won’t) but you will get verbally hazed.  Just take it and don’t complain.  It’s not fun and most of it is extremely unoriginal, but everyone has to do it and fighting back will make you more of a target.  Eventually, people will stop and if they don’t, just ignore or laugh at them.

If this will be your first year at the school, it’s going to be scary.  Tons of people are going to be hugging each other and telling each other how excited they are for the year and how it’s going to be awesome and what teacher do you have oh I heard he’s great you’re lucky I have this one it’s ok don’t worry about it are you doing any sports this year yeah soccer it’s awesome wow that’s cool hey did you hear what happened to this person over the summer oh my god that’s crazy what do you think about the new kids I don’t know any of them yeah same here well see you around yeah bye later.  This can be overwhelming and scary at times.  Don’t worry about it.  A lot of other people are just as nervous as you are and just want you to talk to them.  Eventually, you’ll make some friends. Hopefully.

In the end, high school is not that bad of a place.  You can be whatever you want, like me, a genius, three sport athlete and school president, or whatever else you want.  Just do your best.  Now move along frosh.


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