The French Foreign Exchange

I’m a lonely guy.  Normally, I find comfort in the internet, checking my favorite websites or watching Breaking Bad. (I’ll post on that soon enough.)  However, sometimes, just once in a while, I turn to my friends to make me feel less alone.  They make me laugh, take me places, they’re great.  Often, they make fun of me, but even then it’s only about my weight or how annoying I am, so it’s good because otherwise I’d get too confident or content with myself.  Everyone needs people to make them feel bad and bring their emotions hurtling back down to Earth.  No, I kid and I honestly love my friends.

In fact, there are four guys that I’m really close to. We’re all wildly different and it isn’t easy for me as the most good-looking/charming/athletic member of the crew, but we make it work.  So, you can imagine how crushed I was when I found out that two of them were going to France for an exchange trip.  Sure, I was happy for them, how couldn’t I have been?  They’re my best buds and Paris is a dope place.  Even more, for one of them, it was his first time ever leaving the country, except for Canada which isn’t a real place, but a territory that simply contains many elk and obese lumberjacks.  That’s awesome and I was pumped for him.  But still, they were leaving for two weeks and I was sad.  My two other best friends that stayed in America were sad too.  There was a collective sadness wafting in the air around us.  I don’t think I can stress this sadness enough.  We were pretty goddamn sad.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen on Facebook, the two of them seem to have had a pretty great time.  They saw all the sights, met lots of cute French girls, probably ate their weight in croissants, everything.  I can’t wait for them to come back from France, the land of surrender and baguettes.  It’s spring break right now, so I’m not in New York and neither are my two friends that didn’t go to Europe, but we’re on the same continent, so that’s something.  I miss you guys too and the only reason I’m excited to go back to school is so that all five of us can chill and make responsible choices.

This post is dedicated to Nissim and Anton, two guys who I treasure and value deeply.  Nissim, you’re one of the funniest guys I know and I love that.  Also, you bring so much diversity to the crew.  You’re our own little piece of Affirmative Action.  Anton, you’re just an all around awesome guy.  You’re smart, incredibly racist, and the nicest person I know.  I’m so happy to be your friend.

Henry and Carlo, this post is also for you.  First though, get the hell out of Europe.  Second, you guys are the best.  Henry, you’re the most generous and giving person I know and I have no memories of ever being mad at you.  I really do enjoy being around you and you’ve been an incredibly caring and devoted friend.  Thanks.  Carlo, you’re legit the most unique person I know.  You’re the craziest guy I’ve ever seen and it’s awesome.  You’re the most fun person I know and you were my first friend at Dalton.  I can’t wait to chill with you when I get back.  I love you all and I miss you guys.

Hey, by the way, one more thing: BHC in a wetsuit.

Have a great break.


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  1. Humour says:

    who dosent find comfort on the internet these days ..

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