So, school’s out.  I had a pretty great year, straight As, no big deal.  Yeah, I was first in my class, but that stuff doesn’t really matter in life.  No, what counts is memories, the friendships you make, your experiences.  Trust me, I’ve already had all of those this summer.  And boy, has it been super!

Ok, this summer, I went on an exchange trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina.  For those of you that don’t know where Argentina is, look on a globe.  Step up your geography too, being able to place South American countries really is an essential skill to have.  Anyway, I went on this exchange with about fourteen other Americans (yeah Gringos) and we stayed with some Argentinians.  We were in this Spanish-speaking country for about two weeks and it started off fantastic.  On the first day, we enjoyed the beautiful sights and smells of Newark International Airport and the Wyndham Garden inn on the outskirts of the airport because our flight was messed up and we couldn’t take off.  Trust me, there’s two things one gets from being stuck in an un air-conditioned airplane for three hours with your buds: deep friendships and really uncomfortable sweat stains.  So, the flight got cancelled and a bunch of us stayed at the Wyndham Garden inn like total bosses while some others went home and missed out on some high quality powdered eggs for breakfast.  Later the next day, we took off because United finally learned how to do their job and landed in cold, windy Buenos Aires.

While there for the next week and a half, we went to school in the morning, had lunch at school, went sightseeing in the afternoon, and returned to our exchange student’s homes for dinner and rest time.  I stayed with a total badass named Gonzalo and his awesome family.  They had a great home and I had a really fun time hanging out with his two sisters; Sophia and Pilar.  One of the highlights of the trip was spending lots of quality time with Pilar’s sexy boyfriend Juan Cruz Sausage and experiencing how real he was.

Over the weekends and on some weeknights, the Americans as well as many of the Argentinians  participated in group activities that included voracious games of Pictionary, voracious debate sessions, and extremely dangerous orange juice binge drinking.  We were a pretty crazy group.  Anyway, everyone left on this past Friday, but I stayed in Argentina, along with another thug named Blair.  He’s still in Buenos Aires, while I’m exploring other provinces, getting to know the country and experiencing some great moments!  I thought it might be a nice memory of the trip if I write a bit on all of the different Americans.  Thanks guys, I love you all!  You each taught me something unique, but I guess this trip could all be summed up in three totally non-cliche words: live, laugh, love!  Kisses guys, we had the time of a lifetime!

Abby: You are twins with Jon.  I like you best.

Jon: You are twins with Abby.  I like you best.

Grace: Have fun in Europe Gracie, exploring the world with that cute boyfriend of yours.  Don’t have too much fun and remember to pace yourself.  Europe can get pretty crazy.

Casey: Casey, thank you for never getting upset with me.  I know I never annoyed you, so it’s really appreciated.

Jamie: Jamie, thank you so much for not complaining on this trip.  I really appreciate it. (No, it really wasn’t that bad.  You were lots of fun.)

Jack: Hey Jack, bummer you had to leave early because you missed all the best parts of the trip.  The last day was SO CRAZY!!!!!! OMG memories guyzzz.  Nah, just playing.  We had a good time with you and I hope you have a stellar summer at camp, water skiing and doing whatever kids at camps do.

Eric: So Eric, I was thinking about this trip and the thing that first came to faith wasn’t all my totally appropriate moments with the Senoras or exploring Argentinian culture, but something that had to do with animals that go woof and ruff and like to be petted and loved.  For some reason, I can’t remember what those animals are.  Could you help?

TejaThanks for taking so many pictures of the trip and being cool and bringing diversity at the group.  Sorry I made fun of you sometimes, it was all out of love.

Emily: So, Bolivia huh?  I’m kind of nervous for you but I know that you’ll have a super time.  You were probably the most fun person on this trip and I really appreciate your care-free attitude.  Ok, this is sounding like we just came back from our first date and I’m trying to convince you to go out with me again?  So, movie and dinner Friday night?  Nah, just playing. See you in September.

Jenna: J-Bor.  I had a great time taking pictures of you and the girls in artsy scenarios, even I didn’t always seem particularly enthused.  I also enjoyed helping you choose what purse and scarf to buy and overall just being really manly.  Totally.

Olivia: Liv, liv, you know you’re my girl.  We didn’t chill as much as I would have liked, but that wasn’t possible because that would have been every minute of the day!  You have such a great personality and I loved picking you up in courtyards and putting you in my profile pic.  Stay classy.

Samantha: Sam, you were like the mother of the group.  I don’t know why I said that but it actually kind of makes sense.  You’re very mature and intelligent, but you also know how to have fun.  We had some good times together and I can’t wait to hang out more and do silly things in September!

Blair: Backseat Thugs.  That is all.

The Senoras:  Hey, Nebres and Viard, what’s up?…  I’m really sorry for everything and I’ll pay your therapist bills.


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