Back to School

Last year, I posted about the same thing I’m writing about now; going back to school.  A lot has changed since then, but one thing has stayed the same: I still have to go back to goddamn school.  You would’ve think that that had changed, but no, my summer still has to end too soon and I have to go back to classes and all that stuff.

Let’s get one thing straight though.  I have no problem with education at all.  I honestly feel that it’s necessary and beneficial to everyone who is exposed to it.  That said, I think it should end in the fourth grade.  Really, what more are you going to learn afterwards that you really need to know?  Math?  Ha.  I’ve been taking math since I was like six and I’m still horrible at it.  I went to a movie the other night and the ticket person told me to pay twenty three dollars. I had a motley of random bills and tried to add them up but as I said earlier, my math is dreadful, so I just gave up and handed him forty-five cents.  He was really confused and stared at me like he wasn’t sure where exactly I fell on the IQ spectrum.  It got kind of awkward, so I took my tickets, maintaining eye contact the entire time and slowly walked into the theater.  That’s only one example where not knowing how to do basic math can save you money or whatever.  Some people argue that math is helpful because you can use it when you’re an adult and that it’ll come in handy.  If school is all about learning things for life, why is there no self-defense class?  Where’s the “how to make millions of dollars” class?  Let’s say that my plane crashes in the middle of the rocky mountains.  I’m not going to survive with algebra or knowing how to conjugate Spanish verbs in the subjunctive.  I would have a small chance if I learned how to build a fire or find shelter, but that’s not in the curriculum, so hypothermia’s looking pretty certain right now.

That’s my problem with school.  If I went in every day knowing that I was doing something that would genuinely help me, I would be excited.  Ok, I wouldn’t be excited but at least I wouldn’t feel like rolling up into a tiny ball and whimpering quietly to myself.  School is like a troubled, angst-ridden teenager-full of potential, but wasting its life away with meaningless distractions.  But when it comes down to it, I really have no choice.  I’m going to go in tomorrow, smile awkwardly and prepare myself for about ten months of essays, tests, homework and writing things down.  I’m super pumped.


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