Fire Island

There’s a magical place two hours away from New York City where all your worries go away, you can walk around barefoot, and everyone literally could not care less about anything.  This is Fire Island and it’s practically paradise.  (I’d like to give a shout out to the Ginsberg family with Sam in particular, my hosts over this past weekend.  They provided me with a roof over my head, delicious food, a bike which I crashed into a ditch several times, and several remarks about the paleness of my complexion.  It felt just like home.)  Anyway, Fire Island is like this little secluded place free of rapists and murderers and as a result, people just do whatever they want.  Kids chill on beaches until late into the evening, everyone puts their expenditures on their own tabs at the one grocery store/sandwich shop in town, and best of all, no one spends any time indoors.  As someone who spends more time inside my home than someone in a permanent coma, the concept of spending an entire day outdoors seemed more plausible than skipping this Sunday’s new installment of Breaking Bad (get HYPED).  But apparently, that’s what people in Fire Island do, so that’s what I did.  Even when you eat lunch, it’s outdoors.  To tell you the truth, it’s incredible.  It feels outrageously carefree and nothing can compare afterwards.  Sure, I got a hundred bug bites and the sun gave me third degree burns on 75% of my body but I can honestly say it was worth it.  When I had to leave for my internship late on Sunday night, I felt that I was saying goodbye to the best two days of my summer.  Fire Island is the greatest place in the world to go swimming, almost crash a speedboat, make new friends who only wear lacrosse pennies, get made fun of for how short your bathing suit is, get made fun of for defending the shortness of your bathing suit, find ways to hide yourself under your towel, cut yourself on your bike, tackle people in the sand, beat your pull-up record, spot Tina Fey on the beach, watch Scrubs and play Backyard Baseball, eat bowls of Trix at 1 in the morning, delete your instagram pictures of the sunset because no one liked them, and just genuinely enjoy yourself with friends.  It’s a great place.

See Will? He can pull it off.


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