Senior Year

Being a senior is overrated.  I was excited for all the discounts on public transportation that come along with the title, but no, apparently you have to be over 65 to get those.  Wow, what an incredibly cheesy joke.  I think I executed it perfectly.  Nice job me.

However, I actually do think that being a senior is overrated.  Here’s why.

1.  Senior year is overwhelmingly hyped.  When you’ve been waiting for something for three years, it’s going to be very hard for that thing to fulfill expectations.  I’ve looked forward to being a senior ever since I was “frosh scum” and while it’s cool, it’s nothing like how I pictured it.  There are no adoring women or confetti parades when I get to school in real life.

2. The freshmen are less deferential than I had hoped.  The main perk of being a senior is that you get to maintain the high school hierarchy.  You torture the juniors by reminding them how horrible second semester is and for fun, mess with the freshmen so they know their place.  In turn, the juniors mock the sophomores who, just to make sure things are balanced, make the freshmen’s lives even more difficult.  It’s a beautiful thing and carefully maintained through various checks and balances.  However, I’ve noticed that the freshmen are less intimidated by me.  Now, I think of myself as a pretty intimidating guy. I dress very fashionably, wear my retainer consistently, and have an extensive vocabulary.  However, the freshmen act normal around me.  It’s agonizing and I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve such treatment.  Maybe they think I’m nice.  I’ll have to change that.

3. It’s actually sad being a senior.  As difficult as high school can be, I’ve come to really cherish my time there.  I’ve fostered great relationships with my teachers, made some great friends, and actually learned a ton.  When you think about leaving all that behind, it just makes my heart ache a little bit.  I know that I’m going on a journey, the journey of life, but sometimes I just feel as if I’m growing up too fast.  What happened to the little boy who liked to suck his thumb and play with his action figures?  I feel like I don’t know him anymore!  What if he’s gone forever?


These are all things I’ve heard other seniors say.  Yeah, change can be tough.  That said, college isn’t going to be the worst four years of your life.  Leaving high school isn’t the end of the world.  People just need to understand these basic truths and grow up.  On an unrelated note, sometimes when I think about leaving home, everything turns all fuzzy and I have to sit down.  Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to go out into the world and discover who I am, but it’s just so difficult to say good-bye to everything that’s made me into the boy I am today.  I’m going to miss him so much!


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